5 Most Popular Stored Items in a Storage Unit


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July 20th, 2023

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At some point in most lives, people examine their homes and determine they have too much stuff. Rather than getting rid of excess, many place their items in a storage unit until they know what to do with them. There are many items individuals store more than other things in their house.

If you’re interested in learning more about the most popular stored items in a storage unit, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about products people most often put in these facilities, from decorations they only use once or twice a year to large furniture items they don’t have room for in their current stage of life.

What Do People Most Commonly Store in a Storage Unit?

Seasonal Decor

One of the most popular items inside a storage unit is seasonal decor. After all, the excess can easily take up an entire closet and only comes out once or twice a year. A storage unit allows you to keep everything in one place for simple access without cluttering your home during the less exciting parts of the year.

Seasonal decor people might store the following:

● Christmas trees
● Garlands
● Lights
● Large yard decor
● Holiday doormats
● Ornaments

These take up too much room in a home and are only used once or twice a year.

If you store seasonal decor, it’s a good idea to put it in a labeled box to ensure you know what’s inside each enclosure. Wrap each piece in cloth or packaging to keep dust and grime out while preventing any breaks while the items are in storage.


It’s no secret that furniture takes up a lot of room. That’s great if you have the square footage, but if you don’t, special pieces could clutter your home and overwhelm your house. Many choose to keep their furniture in storage units, safe and sound until they are ready to move the pieces into a home or sell them to an interested party.

A few commonly stored items include the following:

● Couches
● Chairs
● Tables
● Dressers

These will remain safe and secure inside a storage facility until use.

If you decide to put any furniture in a storage unit, try to invest in one with climate control. Stability will prevent cloth and wood from decaying and suffering damage due to humidity or high or low temperatures. You should also wrap your furniture, especially if it’s an expensive material made with real wood or nice fabric.


Electronics are another popular item placed in storage units. Whether it’s for relocation or simply because you don’t have room for it in your current home, a storage unit is a safe place for these items if you pick the right product. Of course, electronics are a little more at risk in a locker.

When storing electronics, you should:

● Keep them in their original boxes
● Avoid mixing up your electronics and components
● Keep the boxes as sturdy as possible
● Wrap up separate pieces carefully

Take gentle care to wrap and store all components in the best possible manner.

It also might be a good idea to take pictures of your items and take out insurance. It’s common for individuals to store electronics in a storage unit, but they are more at risk than other items like books or pieces of furniture. Do not keep electronics in storage for longer than necessary to ensure they remain in one piece for future use.


Another common item stored in a unit is an appliance. Many people have useful appliances, but they have nowhere to put them. Individuals store appliances they plan to use later in a storage unit to ensure they remain in one piece until they can reinstall them in a future location or replace their old items.

A few commonly stored appliances include:

● Washer
● Dryers
● Dishwashers
● Stoves
● Ovens
● Fridges

Always wash and clean appliances before wrapping them up and placing them in the unit. Ensure they are all dried out and drain any water that may have built up inside the product during its use. You should also wrap up cords and other tiny additions and place them in a labeled box. You will know they are safe and where they are when you return.

Files and Documents

Finally, many people keep files and other critical documents inside storage units. They may have more than they know what to do with but don’t want to toss them, thus landing on the storage unit as a solution. If you put critical files in a storage facility, it’s vital to take every measure to keep them safe.

You should:

● Invest in climate-controlled storage
● Get airtight containers for the pages to prevent mold and mildew
● Keep them as high off the floor as possible
● Put labels on all containers used
● Think about additional layers of security
● Organize all files well
● Use safes or locks as necessary

These items will ensure your files and documents remain in quality condition.

Of course, keep your files and documents locked up in your home. However, many choose a storage unit as a second office to keep their valuable pages.

Self-Storage in Hill City, South Dakota

Many popular items go in storage units, from decorations for Christmas to various electronics. If you need to move any of these items out of your home but don’t want to get rid of them, a storage unit is the best place to put them. It’s a good idea to pick the safest company to keep your items in pristine condition.

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