Best Ways to Store Your Studded Tires for the Summer

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Reno Gulch Self Storage
May 4th, 2023

studded tire storage
In the summer, storing studded tires is a common practice. The seasons here change quickly and people need winter and summer tires to be able to drive efficiently during the different seasons.
If you are bringing your tires to our Hill City, South Dakota storage facilities this summer, make sure you follow these tips and tricks. They will protect your tires in the hot weather and ensure they are perfect for when winter rolls around again and you need them for the snow and sleet.

Is Storing Tires a Good Idea?

Storing your tires in different seasons is a must. When you store tires, you can make them last longer and keep the tread life as well. Leaving tires on a car that is not being driven, can create cracks and flat spots which causes them to lose their ability to drive well. So, when you keep your tires stored, you can drive them longer and better.

Always Clean the Tires Before Storing

Never take the dirty tires off a car and put them in a storage unit. As you drive, tires easily collect dirt, grime, and debris. Cleaning the tires is a must. Luckily, cleaning tires is very easy.
Make sure to get some water, a little detergent, and a tire brush. Applying gloss before storage is not a good idea. When you apply gloss and then put the tire in storage, it can wear down the rubber making your tires unusable when you go to use them in the wintertime. Make sure you allow the tires to dry completely before storing.

Get Some Storage Bags

Once the tires are cleaned and dried, place them into airtight storage bags. You should then remove the air using a pump or vacuum cleaner. Try and remove as much air as possible. Tape the bag closed, ensuring tires stay airtight. Removing the air is important because air can cause oil to collect. This causes the rubber to break down on the tires. The tires will last longer.
Airtight storage bags are necessary even if you use storage covers or caddies for the tires. They need to all be used together to ensure the best storage method.

Use A Storage Unit

Tires are kept in the best condition in climate-controlled storage units. Garages and attics are some of the worst places because they have high humidity and can also be exposed to water and other weather elements. The best place if you are not using a storage unit is a basement. If you do not have a basement, take your tires to a storage unit to keep them protected.
When storing your tires, keep them away from dangerous items like compressors, furnaces, sump pumps, vacuum cleaners, and switches. All these items generate ozone which can break down rubber on the tires rendering them unusable. You also want to make sure you keep chemicals away from like fuels, solvents, and lubricants. These rules apply whether you are using your own basement or putting them in a storage unit where you have other items.

How to Store Tires

Once you have them cleaned and in airtight containers, you have many choices for storing placement. You can either hang, stack, or stand the tires. Tires should only hang if the wheel is included. Otherwise, this can change the shape of the tire. If you stack the tires, make sure they are not stacked more than four tires in height. More than four can be a hazard. Standing your tires is another choice and is the best method for storing tires. This is because it puts the lightest pressure. Standing helps ensure they don’t wear down. If you have the tire with the wheel, make sure all the tires are well inflated. If you stack them while they are not inflated well, you risk crushing the tire which can cause permanent damage.

Tires and the Storage Process

One of the main hassles with tires is the storage process. Other items in your storage unit can be thrown in a box and left there for years. Tires on the other hand must receive maintenance and care if you want to use them in the future. If you do not follow the steps in this guide, you might have to buy new tires every season which is a huge expense.
Reno Gulch Self Storage provides tire storage in Hill City, South Dakota. We can show you how to store them well and can provide a safe and climate-controlled environment for you to keep them in. We have all the tools you need to keep your tires clean, safe, and secure. Book a unit online of call us at (605) 574-2106.