Different Types of Locks for Storage Units


Reno Gulch Self Storage
November 4th, 2022

storage unit with a padlock
You’ve made a wise choice by renting a storage unit- or even just thinking about renting one. A storage unit is an excellent way to keep your valuable items safe without taking up too much precious space in your home. However, you don’t want just anybody to walk into your storage unit. You want control over who accesses your valuable items, after all. In this case, the obvious solution is a lock. You want a lock for your storage unit, but what kind is the best for you? There’s no one answer, so you’ll have to pick from a variety of options. Read on to learn some of the most common and secure locks you could use for your storage unit. Your valuable items have never been safer!

Types of Locks for Your Storage Unit

Keyed Stainless-Steel Padlock

The keyed stainless-steel padlock is, perhaps, the most well-known type of lock. This classic lock model takes the durability of stainless steel and provides an enduring security solution for any door. Each keyed stainless-steel padlock comes with a paired key, which is the only device that can unlock this stainless-steel padlock. Ensure that you purchase a high-quality stainless-steel padlock, as a cheaper one may fall victim to damage or tampering far easier. With its small size, durability, and security, the classic stainless-steel padlock is an excellent option for your storage unit.

Maximum Security Padlocks

If a traditional stainless-steel padlock doesn’t seem safe enough to you, a maximum-security padlock might fit the bill. With a body composed of brass or hardened steel, maximum security padlocks are extraordinarily durable. Maximum security padlocks often feature a shorter loop and a heftier body than traditional stainless-steel padlocks, making them significantly more of a challenge to break through. However, this heightened security comes at a high price- literally. Maximum security padlocks are still relatively affordable, but they are significantly more expensive than their traditional padlock counterparts.

Bluetooth Outdoor Locks

Perhaps keys are not your style- you want something a little more modern. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or already have too many keys hanging off your key ring, a Bluetooth outdoor lock is an excellent, keyless, and modern alternative to traditional keyed or combination locks. You can control your lock remotely by downloading a Bluetooth lock’s companion app. By unlocking the padlock while walking to your storage unit, you can save the time and hassle that comes with opening a traditional keyed lock. A Bluetooth outdoor lock might have a slightly higher price than traditional keyed locks, but this price increase is to be expected when you consider its premium features.

Disc Locks

Disc locks are somewhat of a tradition for storage units. With its compact size, a disc lock is extraordinarily difficult to tamper with or break. A small cylinder makes lockpicking a challenge, if not impossible, while a small loop means that a hammer or other heavy machinery cannot leverage the lock apart. Along with being secure and cheap, disc locks are available in bulk. If you rent multiple storage units or have two storage units and a shed at home you want to lock up, you can purchase a multi-pack of 3-4 disc locks to keep all of your valuable items secure, wherever they are.

Locks With Alarms

Sometimes, security isn’t all about being heavy and impossible to break. After all, what’s the point if nobody knows when it does break? Some locks come with a built-in alarm system when opened without their key or when otherwise tampered with. With an alarm sound of up to 130 decibels, a lock with an alarm is an excellent device to keep your valuable items safe and alert any bystanders of a potential break-in.

Smart Key Lock

Do you have multiple storage units? Are you tired of fumbling with your keys at the door of every storage unit, wasting valuable time? A smart key lock might be the answer to your problems. A smart key lock is a variety of protective device that utilizes only one key to open a series of locks. By using only one key, you can have several storage units open and available with ease. However, the smart key gains its convenience by sacrificing security. While the average person won’t break into your storage unit, the smart key lock is prone to lockpicking.

Combination And Dial Locks

If you want security without having to lug around extra keys, but don’t want to expose yourself to the cybersecurity issues of a Bluetooth lock, traditional combination or dial locks are your best bet. While combination locks are convenient, they are best used for short-term storage units. Amateur lockpicks can easily open these devices, making them suboptimal for long-term storage.

Key Access Cylinder Locks

When you think about locks, a cylinder lock might be the first thing that pops into your head. Cylinder locks are the most common type of locks in the home, and with how effective they are at home security, a cylinder lock is sure to keep your valuable items safe in a storage unit. Cylinder locks also come in electronic combination varieties, which are excellent for ease of access. However, for optimal security levels, a key-access cylinder lock is your best option. One downside of key access cylinder locks is that they require internal installation inside of your unit’s door. As such, a storage unit with a cylinder lock will have one pre-installed, as most storage unit rental facilities do not tolerate tampering with their units.

Keep Your Storage Unit Safe in Hill City, SD

No matter what type of lock you decide to use, we have your back. If you want the ultimate choice in storage units to keep your belongings safe, choose Reno Gulch Self Storage in Hill City, SD. Contact us today to discuss your storage needs and get started with storing your valuable items. Our storage experts can help you decide which unit size is right for you, and with our easy online bill pay system, renting a storage unit has never been easier.