Self Storage Tips for New Renters


Reno Gulch Self Storage
April 9th, 2023

young storage unit renter
Self-storage is a great way to go about storing some items that you have in your home or office when you no longer have enough space. Whether you are renovating the space or relocating to a new area, self-storage ensures that your stuff is kept safe in an off-site location, while you are moving things around. For those who have rented storage units in the past, the process may seem easy to you, but newer renters may require a few tips that they can use to ensure that they get the most out of renting a storage unit. The tips listed here are meant to help you when you are looking into self-storage to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes that come with renting storage units for the first time.

Tips for Renting at a Storage Facility

Do Your Research

When looking for a self-storage facility to use, you want to do some research on different storage facilities in order to find the one that is right for you rather than just picking the first one you find. There are two main questions you want to take into consideration when choosing a self-storage facility. These questions are:

  • Is this facility located near me?
  • Does it have vacancies for the storage unit I will need?

These two questions can help to better narrow down the list of self-storage facilities you are considering. You may also want to see who has the best deal when it comes to self-storage. You do not want to rent from a facility that will be too expensive for you to keep an agreement with.

Consider the Storing Conditions You Will Need

There are many different types of storage units that you can rent. They vary in size and location, and some are climate-controlled. Climate-controlled units ensure that the temperature inside the unit does not fluctuate to the point where the stuff kept inside will be ruined. Climate-controlled units are great if you live in an area where the weather changes dramatically or experience high heat or humidity. You also want to ensure that the facility is secure. You do not want to risk having any of your property stolen while it is kept at the facility. You may also want to ensure that the facility has fire safety measures. While it is unlikely that your unit could catch on fire, it is still possible, and you do not want your items to be burned while being kept in the storage unit. Finding a facility that meets all these requirements may be difficult, but you will be glad you did find an appropriate facility in case something goes wrong.

Know That You May Not Be Able to Store Everything

Storage units have a limited amount of space. If you plan on storing many items that are big, such as furniture, you should know that those items will take up more of the space, which will leave less space for any of your other items. There are also some items that storage facilities will not allow you to store in one of their units. These items include:

  • Firearms
  • Gasoline
  • Fertilizer
  • Paint
  • Ammunition
  • Fireworks
  • Propane tanks

Each of these can be dangerous if not properly stored, so most storage facilities will prohibit you from storing these items in your unit.

Organize Your Unit

When storing your items, you do not want to just place them in your storage unit in a random assortment. This can make your unit look more cluttered than it is, and it can make it very difficult to find certain things you might look for inside the unit. You should have a plan going into your unit of how you want everything laid out. This is the best way to ensure you maximize the space you are renting, so you can fit more into your unit. The best way to organize your items when you are placing them in your storage unit is to place the larger items first. You can use these larger items, like furniture, to make aisles. This can also help make it easier to store smaller items. By organizing your storage unit, you will maximize the space of your unit, and you will make it easier for you to find certain items when you come looking for them.

Make Sure You Understand the Rental Payment Schedule

When you rent a storage unit from a facility, you will be given a payment schedule for when you are to pay for the use of your rental. Most agreements and payment schedules are on a month-to-month basis, so you will be paying for the use of your rental by month. You always want to make sure that you pay the rent on your storage unit on time. It is also good to ask if there is an auto-pay option available, so you do not have to worry too much about keeping up with the payment schedule. It is important that you pay the rent on your storage unit on time. Most facilities charge late fees if you pay later, and your unit could be repossessed if you have not paid after a given period has passed.

Don’t Break Any Rules

When you sign your rental agreement, certain rules will be laid out that you must follow during the time you are renting the storage unit. If you break these rules, you could lose your rental and be forced to remove the things you have stored. Some of these rules typically include:

  • No living in the rented storage unit
  • You are not allowed to conduct business out of your storage unit
  • You cannot store items such as gasoline or fireworks
  • You cannot alter the look of your storage unit
  • You cannot use tools on your storage unit
  • You cannot keep firearms in your storage unit

These rules are easy to follow, and they make sure that your storage unit is still usable. It also ensures that you are not conducting illegal activities. If you are interested in renting a storage unit, contact Reno Gulch Self Storage. We are a storage facility in Hill City, South Dakota. Contact Reno Gulch today for more options on storage solutions.