What Can A Large Storage Unit Be Used For?


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April 25th, 2024

What Can a Large Storage Unit Be Used For?

Size matters, especially when you have a lot of items that need to be stored.

Many storage facilities only provide small spaces in which to keep your possessions, which forces you to rent more than one unit. As well as being inconvenient, this often comes at an inflated cost.

You won’t face this problem at Reno Gulch Self Storage. We’re proud to give our customers a wide choice of storage option sizes, all at an unbeatable price.

Large storage units offer a versatile solution to accommodate a wide range of needs. From decluttering your home to safeguarding your valuable business inventory, large storage units are a diverse and practical choice.

Residential Uses for Large Storage Units

Are your closets and garage getting too cluttered? Large storage units are a convenient solution if you need to organize your living space.

Seasonal items in particular can take up a surprising amount of room. Holiday decorations and winter clothing can be safely stored away during the spring and summer seasons, freeing up valuable space in your closets and attic. During the winter, garden furniture can be placed in storage so it won’t take up all the room in your garage or get damaged outside during harsh winter weather.

Moving or doing home renovations? Storage units offer a temporary refuge for furniture and belongings. We’re betting you don’t want to risk your furniture getting damaged. Investing in a large unit rather than cramming everything into the smallest space possible will ensure everything remains secure and protected during the move.

For individuals with long-term storage needs for items not regularly used, such as heirlooms or sentimental belongings, large storage units provide a safe and accessible solution. That grand piano you can’t bear to part with will be right at home in a Reno Gulch Self Storage large unit!

Commercial Uses for Large Storage Units

If you run a business, you will already know how challenging it can be to store adequate amounts of inventory.

A large storage unit can play a vital role in inventory management and your logistical operations. You can store excess inventory and better manage your stock without cluttering up your workspace or storefront.

Equipment and tools used in construction and landscaping are extremely valuable – and attractive to thieves. Storing these items in a large storage unit will safeguard your expensive equipment and tools while reducing the risk of theft or damage.

For businesses that require document archiving solutions, large storage units offer plenty of secure space and organized storage for sensitive information and records.

Downsizing? Perhaps you have a lot of items that you don’t want to get rid of. You don’t want extra desks, chairs and computers cluttering up your professional office space. But you never know when you might expand your operations and need them once again. A large storage unit from Reno Gulch Storage is just the place to keep office furniture secure.

Recreational Uses for Large Storage Units

A large storage unit also creates a haven for recreational equipment and gear. Motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, trailers and other oversized items can be safely stored during the off-season or when not in use, protecting them from damage, theft and South Dakota’s winter weather.

The Black Hills is the perfect place for outdoor sports enthusiasts. A large storage unit allows you to store bicycles, kayaks, skis, and other equipment, ensuring they remain in optimal condition and easily accessible whenever you need to use them.

Motorcycles and other small vehicles particularly benefit from a larger unit. Having the extra space means you can easily work on your bike without the hassle of having to move it elsewhere first.

Hobbyist Uses for Large Storage Units

Is your valuable collection of Star Wars memorabilia getting out of hand? Are you looking for somewhere secure to showcase your passion for antiques?

A large storage unit provides ample room to store collections of just about any kind. You can organize everything precisely how you want and display your precious items without piling items on top of each other and risking damage. The dry, temperature controlled environment will ensure your items don’t succumb to any elemental damage. Plus, the security provided at Reno Gulch Self Storage will keep your items out of reach from anyone but you.

Industrial Uses for Large Storage Units

Similar to business use, large storage units can serve as essential infrastructure for warehousing and logistics operations in manufacturing.

While you can’t store anything hazardous, explosive, or dangerous, you can use a large storage unit to keep safe raw materials and finished goods, optimizing space within your production facilities. You may also require a storage unit to serve as a secure environment for storing manufacturing equipment and machinery, protecting these valuable assets from theft and damage.

If you’re unsure about what you can and can’t store in our storage units, we welcome you to get in touch for a friendly, no obligation chat.

Vehicle Storage

It goes without saying that the average vehicle isn’t going to fit in a storage unit. And maybe you don’t want to keep your vehicle uncovered. Perhaps your HOA even has restrictions on where extra vehicles can be parked. Sure, you can use your garage, but what if all the space is already taken up or your vehicle is too large?

Renting a vehicle parking space is the solution. At Reno Gulch Self Storage we have covered and uncovered storage spaces specifically for vehicles. That means you can safely keep your car, boat, RV, trailer, or other vehicle on our premises.

With facility access from 7am to 10pm every day, you can jump in and drive off whenever the mood strikes you.

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Large storage units offer a versatile solution and address a wide range of storage needs.

At Reno Gulch Self Storage, we have a wide range of storage solutions to fit just about every need. If you’re curious to find out more, then give us a call today. We offer an easy booking system and online payment portal to make your experience even more convenient.