What Items are Commonly Stored in a Storage Unit


Reno Gulch Self Storage
May 25th, 2022


It’s not uncommon to accumulate a lot of extra stuff over the years. From family heirlooms to furniture to picture frames, electronics, appliances, and more, we all start to build up our collection of things throughout our lives. That’s great because each and every item has memories tied to them and you keep them for a reason. However, there may come a time when you decide that you may need to clear some of the stuff out of your house. While it’s great to hold onto things you love, clutter is certainly not great. That means that you might need to get a storage unit and keep some of your possessions in there. That’s a very smart move - one that is becoming more and more popular lately. Thankfully, you will be able to find the storage unit that’s right for you, your property, and your budget. But what are the possessions you own that belong inside a storage unit? There are some things that should be stored in the unit and some things that definitely shouldn’t. Some people have a hard time deciding what possessions should rest in the storage unit and what should stay at home. Thankfully, it’s easy to remember what belongs inside your new unit. Here’s what belongs inside your cozy, comfortable, safe storage unit.



This one makes the most sense. Furniture is an item that definitely belongs inside a storage unit. Why? Well, the size of furniture is a huge reason why. Furniture takes up a lot of space. Even the smallest coach or chair requires a lot of floor space in your home. If you don’t want to use it, all it does is get in your way. Whether it’s from your home or your office, furniture will comfortably fit and fill your new storage unit. However, you need to be sure you store it correctly. Make sure that it is wrapped correctly with strong, durable, light plastic. It is essential that the plastic is held tightly to the furniture, this prevents moisture from getting in. If you can, you should try to let air into the plastic wrap every few months, allowing the furniture to “breathe”. If you can, you should place plastic or wooden pallets on the ground under your furniture. This will also keep moisture away from the furniture and won’t let mold or other pests reach it. Climate control is now available in many storage units and if you are willing to spend the money on it, you really should. This will help your furniture in a huge way and will make sure that it doesn’t just sit in dark, dank, hot temperature for years. But make sure that your furniture is fully, 100% dry before you put it in a climate-controlled unit.


We all spend a lot of money on electronics over the years. From iPods to iPhones to stereos and televisions, radios, computers, and so much more - it all adds up. And while some of these items can’t be used for more than a couple of years, you don’t want to necessarily throw them out! And you don’t have to. That is why electronics are just one of the many primary items that are placed in storage units. Many people keep their old computers and TVs, scanners, and more in the storage unit. It’s easy to do - and it’s easy to do correctly too. You need to remember to wrap each and every item carefully before you store the item. Remember that many electronics are made with a lot of glass and glass can easily break. You should also be sure to wrap and label each piece of electronics. If you are packing a computer, make sure you wrap up and fold the cords carefully. Keep each cord and mouse and other plug that is needed with that device nearby, in the same box. But don’t just toss everything together. Otherwise, when you pull it all out it’ll be a huge mess.


A refrigerator or washer or dryer may end up being the most expensive thing that you buy for your home. But there is a good reason why they are so pricey: you get a lot of use out of them. But when you are no longer using an appliance, you don’t want to throw it away and waste your money. Instead, you should keep it in your storage unit and ensure that you can come get again if you ever need it. Microwaves, fridges, ovens, stoves, and more can make a great, comfortable home in your storage unit. Just remember a few simple things before you place it inside. Firstly, wash and clean your appliance before you put it into your unit. This will prevent the build-up or rust, rot, and other pests while the appliance sits in your storage unit. These units take up a lot of space. Therefore, you need to be smart about how you place them in your unit. Place them in corners and against the wall to maximize your space. Also, drain any water from hoses, tubing, or the tanks in your appliance. Wrap up cords and place them cleaned and tidy inside the appliance. Also, keep the appliance doors slightly ajar to let air flow through the appliance. This will avoid any sort of musty smells in the future. There are many other things that will be comfortable in your storage unit. Old documents and family heirlooms, antiques and art, clothing and decorations. You can really place just about anything in your storage unit. You should just always be sure that you never ever simply toss your possessions into your unit. Instead, make a plan and remember a few simple tips to keep everything safe and in great shape. While furniture, electronics, and appliances are the most common items that belong in storage units, you really can store anything inside. Just be smart, be careful, and treat your items with care. If you do that, they will be in prime condition when you need them. Reno Gulch Self Storage provides high-quality storage units to keep your items safe and secure. Book your unit online or over the phone.