Why Your Small Business Should Rent a Storage Unit


Reno Gulch Self Storage
June 28th, 2022


When you start your small business, there are many things to consider to get your business thriving. Unfortunately, many new small business owners overlook storage solutions when they open their business. However, there are several situations where a small business could benefit from renting a storage unit. Continue reading to learn how your small business can benefit from renting a storage unit and why you need storage solutions for your business.


Small businesses have inventory that they need to stay afloat. However, many businesses don't use all of their inventory year-round. This circumstance can cause a lot of clutter for small businesses to deal with if not properly stored away. Below are the benefits you can receive when renting a storage unit for your small business.

  • Declutter your workspace to focus on the tasks at hand better.
  • Store away unused inventory without tossing it.
  • Give yourself space for seasonal items.
  • Organize your small business items to prevent missing inventory.
  • Store away important paperwork in a secure space.
  • Keep the items that you’re not currently using safe and secure.

All of these situations can be very beneficial to small businesses and new startups. However, there is nothing more frustrating than excessive clutter in your small business.

Storing Small Business Supplies

Renting a storage unit is excellent for storing small business supplies such as excess inventory or seasonal items. You can also use a storage unit to store the paperwork associated with your small business and keep it safe. There are several reasons why storing your small business supplies is ideal in a storage unit, which is listed below.

  • Security cameras surround storage units so you can ensure that your small business supplies are kept safe when it's in storage.
  • You can add a secure lock to your storage unit, so intruders stay out of your small business supplies.
  • A storage unit can help you organize your excess inventory so that you don’t lose track of it.
  • Keeping excessive inventory in your place of work can be very distracting and overwhelming.
  • Storage units are great for keeping files safe for small businesses.
  • Crafting and woodworking materials are fantastic for storing away in a storage unit so that they don't take up space in your place of business.

When you own a small business, you want to ensure that your materials and inventory are safe and secure. Keeping excess inventory in your place of work can put you at risk of having that inventory stolen or missing. However, when you keep your items in a storage unit, you make sure that things are locked up securely, reducing your risk of stolen items.

Seasonal Items

Many small businesses host seasonal items or decorations during the holiday season. However, once the holiday season goes away, finding a spot to store these seasonal items can be difficult. Throwing away seasonal items that your small business needs during the holidays is a huge waste of money, and a storage unit can help you keep those seasonal items safe without having to get rid of them. You can store the following seasonal items safely in a storage unit during the offseason.

  • Your small business uses decorations during Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.
  • Themed items that you make during the holiday season that does not expire.
  • Seasonal menus used by your small business during the holidays.
  • List and spreadsheets for how you navigate your business during the holiday season or peak seasons.

Documenting business demands you've experienced during peak seasons to help you order and navigate your inventory during those seasons. Seasonal products and decorations often take up unnecessary space in small business locations. When a small business rents out a storage unit for their seasonal items, they free up space for items they are currently using instead. There is no need to take up unnecessary space with unused items in your place of business.

Staying Organized with a Storage Unit

One of the major benefits small businesses can get from using a storage unit is helping with organization. Small businesses need to stay organized to stay afloat. Without proper organization techniques, small businesses can lose track of important documents and inventory, costing them thousands. The following are ways small businesses can stay organized by renting a storage unit.

  • Small businesses can keep filing cabinets in a storage unit to keep important documents safe and organized.
  • Small businesses can designate certain areas of a storage unit for specific products to help maintain their inventory.
  • Small businesses can keep backup inventory in a storage unit, so they're always prepared for business demands.
  • Small businesses can use storage units for record-keeping needs to keep all of their important tax and employee documents safe.

If you notice your business generating a lot of clutter, you should get a storage unit to help navigate some clutter and safely store things away. It can be easy for small businesses to overstock their inventory when they're still figuring out how much of a product they need. Instead of wasting the product by throwing it away due to lack of space, you can get a storage unit to keep these items safe. In addition, small businesses can greatly benefit from staying organized because unorganized businesses often lose money on excess inventory and over-ordering. Small businesses also lose time when they don't stay organized because an organization system can help cut down time costs. Without proper organization, you could waste hours looking for items or figuring out where things go, when a proper organization method would only take a few minutes.

Final Thoughts on Renting a Storage Unit as a Small Business

Renting a storage unit is a cheap and efficient way for small businesses to store unused inventory and stay organized. If you feel overwhelmed with your inventory and organization, you should rent a storage unit to help quell some of those stressors. Contact Reno Gulch Self Storage in Hill City, South Dakota to rent a storage unit for your small business.